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EA SPORTS Complex for PS3 Home: A different kind of sports gaming experience ...

April 23, 2009

This is an exciting week for the team working on the EA SPORTS Complex, and not because we are finally shipping something and get to take a few weeks off .. quite the opposite, this is where the work really begins. 

The great opportunity here is for EA SPORTS to interact with a much broader audience than just the typical sports gaming fan.  In Home players can meet up and jump into a game without a complex installation or matchup process.  Often the social aspects of enjoying professional sports are overlooked by non-sports fans.  Many football loyalists tell you the pre-game tailgate party is almost as fun as the game itself.  Getting together over a hamburger and razing the opposing fans as they walk by adds to the gameday experience.  Then, sitting in the stands and groaning together as the team's star drops the ball for the third straight time becomes a shared experience. Home embodies that same social dynamic.

We want people to do more than just visit our space. We want them to come back. We want users to tell us what they like and don't like.  Click here to read the entire blog.

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