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Photo Game Face

 Smile for the camera!  It's Photo Game Face time!

For years, EA SPORTS has been saying "It's in the Game!"  Well, now you're in the game!  Welcome to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 and Photo Game Face.

With Photo Game Face, you can upload a picture of yourself here on EA SPORTS World and bring your face to life within Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09.  The steps are actually pretty easy.  First off, you're going to need to be logged into EA SPORTS World.  If you're not already registered with EA SPORTS World, please click here for instructions.  Once you are logged in, go to your personal home page by clicking on "My Sports World" from the top menu.

Now that you're on your home page, you can see a button near the top righthand corner that says "ADD WIDGETS."  If you click on that, one of the choices will be Tiger Woods Photo Game Face.  Add it to your page, then simply click on the "Upload a New Photo Face" button and follow the instructions.

Good luck with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 and let us know if you need any help!

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by makdaknife38 on 10/9/12 1:43 PM
Everytime it kicks me off it makes me try to reload my page and kcks me off again
by makdaknife38 on 10/9/12 1:41 PM
i can't even make a game face because it keeps kicking me off the page
by GermanCastl... on 9/19/12 5:17 PM
I'm happy to be in the game
by mikrafone23505 on 9/18/12 5:27 PM
i was all happy thought i had it but *** no its been 6hrs what ever to drag and paste
by kumal1 on 9/12/12 3:29 PM
by X1X JORGE X4X on 9/12/12 11:31 AM
Will there be a gameface for NHL 13?
by AnDrEw_18_HeAt on 9/3/12 2:36 PM
why does my internet keeep crashing when i go to ea sports gameface? only time it crahses. wtff
by riversidesf... on 8/30/12 7:40 PM
wtf man..
by Yanksm21 on 8/28/12 12:09 PM
by hellymel30 on 8/27/12 11:47 PM
how to put my face on here